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Regncoats are coats that are designed for small, young children. They have a high neckline, covering the chin and nose of the wearer, but no sleeves.

The design of a regncoat is so that it does not create problems for children to have to bend their arms or put them in different positions like a long-sleeved coat would. The jacket is made to be a little bit bigger than the wearer’s body, so that the coat is not too tight and do not form limits on movement in its design. The issue of the top part of the body being restricted from movement, which happens in a long-sleeved coat, does not occur with little children.

The coat has buttons that are on both sides of the neck, so it does not restrict how well children can turn their head or how far they can turn their neck. These buttons are typically made of leather.


The original regncoat was designed by the Swedish designer Isacsson for children who were to be sent to Sweden from Great Britain after World War II.

In these countries, the coat has gained popularity thanks to its design which is more convenient for small children to wear than a long-sleeved coat. The regncoat is also thought to have a better fit than other coats, especially when it comes to fitting smaller children due to its cut which is not tight around their body.

Children do not feel restrained while they are wearing the coat, as they can move their arms and head freely. The coat is also very easy to put on and take off which makes it suitable for people who are going to be seen in public places such as schools, shops or parks. They can easily put it on when they are ready to go out or take it off when they want to return home.

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The jacket has a back flap that covers the zipper and protects this part of the jacket from rubbing against the child’s skin. The back flap has a slit in it so the child can use the zipper. This back flap can be closed, so that the jacket is not open all the time and to protect the jacket’s inside from being cold when exposed to wind.


The regncoat was originally worn by children whose parents were emigrating from one of Nordic countries to England. Nowadays, however, it is popular throughout Norway and Sweden as a coat for small children in general.


Regncoats are often worn with a hat or a cap so that the child can also use their hands to keep their head warm in the winter. The coat is also often worn when children go to school, which further contributes to its popularity.

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The name comes from the Swedish word for “from England”. These first regncoats became very popular in Sweden and its neighboring countries such as Norway, Denmark and Finland. The coat is often referred to as an “English Coat” in this area of the world.

In Western cultures today, there is a wide range of clothing for children, from very informal attire (such as shorts or sweatpants) to clothing for very formal occasions (such as white tie). Children’s clothing is usually sold in different specialty shops like baby clothing. Children’s clothing may be sold in adult stores for the sake of simplicity. For example, small varieties of socks are sometimes found in the section for men’s socks in stores that sell mostly clothes for adults.

The coat is made from different materials depending on where it is bought. Some regncoats are made of wool and others from poplin.